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Youth, Culture and Identity- Policy Evaluation

Category: Essay Writing

Evaluation of a governmental policy. The report should be a critical assessment of the policy you’re evaluating. You should examine your document/s with a view to engaging critically with the wider social, political and cultural context in which the policy documents have been developed and written. Your discussion will be using the concepts and theories covered on the module appropriate to your choice of policy document/s.
The following points will be included in your evaluative discussion:

• the key issues identified by the policy makers as important
• the objectives of the policy document/s
• the extent to which the policy document/s focus on issues of social control, sanctions and employability
• whether the focus is on the positive or negative activities of the young
• the extent to which young people’s rights are being considered
• whether in practice the policy engages with the needs of the most excluded groups of young people and those perceived as a ‘problem’
• how the policy is proposing to bring about change
• Will the policy/ies under discussion encourage development of skills, confidence and competence?

Assessment Criteria

In marking the report, tutors will take account of:

•The selection of a relevant material
•The ability to evaluate critically the policy/ies
•The ability to explore the policy/ies within the context of wider debates explored in the module.
•The use of appropriate theories and concepts
•Clarity of argument
•Written expression and the appropriate use and selection of references