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Work of art at a gallery

Category: Art (Fine arts

Work of art at a gallery

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Go visit a gallery or museum in Regina or any where in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Choose one work to focus your attention on.
You must begin your essay by noting the name of the artist and the object that you’re writing about, the name of the exhibit, the name of the gallery, and the date that you visited the gallery. The gallery visit must be in Canada, Saskatchewan, Regina.
Read the explanatory signs and/or catalog accompanying the exhibit and think!

Do you agree or disagree? If you refer to any of these in your critique, you must cite the source in your footnotes and bibliography. While you need to be aware of the interpretative signage at the exhibit do not over value a secondary source, but rather use the internal elements of the artwork itself at your primary source to support your arguments and thought.
What is the overall impression, why does this work intrigue you? Is it unique?
Which medium has the artist used? and why is the medium important to the message?
Why do particular works catch your attention?
What is the aim of the artist or curator?
Is the exhibit successful in achieving its goals?
Is there a theme that you can use to narrow your topic down?
Are there particular works that stand out? Explain why?
Does the gallery space suit the exhibit?