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You are required to develop your own personal development plan. This must include between four and eight activities. You can use any format for the plan, although there is a suggested template available online.

We now come to the last topic of this module which is relevant as you start to think about your personal development and what plans you need to make. For example, many employers who offer summer placements will advertise their opportunities in the early months of 2015 (if not before). So, you need to think now about what opportunities you might want to seek and plan how you will secure those opportunities.

At the start of the module you met with Liz Bland and Shantelle Johnson-Wiltshire from Careers and Placements. In this last topic you are going to meet with them again, at the lecture that you will attend. Liz and Shantelle will be joined by employer representatives from multi-national fast-moving consumer goods company Unilever. Unilever own more than 400 brands around the world and offer graduate career and placement opportunities across a wide range of functions including marketing, sales, HR, finance, supply chain and technology. During the lecture you will hear both the Unilever and Careers & Placement team perspective on the value of work experience as well as practical tips for applying for summer work and industrial placements and formulating action plans boost your chances of success.

Preferred language style   UK English