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Woodward’s Case Study Book Analysis

Category: case study

This assignment takes you out of the classroom and into the role of observer and participant in the policy process. The student will identify three key episodes in Woodward’s case study in which events went dramatically wrong or right. In other words, you may select an episode in which you agree with the players’ actions, or you may select an episode in which you disagree with how the players behaved. But the episodes must be really important ones. Briefly describe each episode. Before you go onto the next episode, explain what you think should have been done to keep the process on track or get it back on track? This assignment must total at least 375 words (125 words per episode) for a total of at least 1 ½ pages. The student is expected to clearly state each episode, identify its location in the book, use evidence accurately and sound reasoning to support why each episode is so important and why the student’s position is reasonable under the circumstances. The goal is a well-organized presentation that brings together evidence and reasoning to make convincing arguments.

The student’s case study analysis will be evaluated on the following criteria:
1) The student clearly identifies and accurately describes each episode and provide a clear page preference for each one.
2) The student explains and justifies why each episode is important in the process
3) The student uses evidence accurately and sound reasoning to support why the student’s position for each episode is reasonable under circumstances.
4) The student demonstrates an understanding of politics and good judgment along the way.
5) The student communicates main points effectively in a well-organized paper free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

To review book, see Woodward-Chapter Outlines