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Category: Essay Writing

Your task in essay three is to argue a position, an exercise that you will do throughout your time in higher education. We have read a lot and thought much about arguing a position, and you will serve yourself well if you revisit chapter ten of our textbook, as well as reflecting on the work we have done in class. First, then, avoid “big” topics such as abortion, gun control, or evolution etc. Such topics are rarely successful, and it is far from easy to explore these ideas with an open mind. A good way to begin might be to explore a topic strategically, and you will find much information on this from page 141 onwards in your textbook. Exploring an idea this way will to the drafting of a thesis statement, which, of course, you then must qualify. Remember, your essay must have a narrow, sustained and feasible focus.

Use standard formatting: one inch margins, twelve point font, double spacing. Should your essay require it, ensure that you have a works cited page.