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What is Islam

Category: Religion


I. Title Page

II. Introduction III. BODY   A.     What is Islam1.      Religion, culture, way of life (Pintak & Franklin, 2013)2.      5 Pillars3.      Muhammad4.      Quran5.      Muslims6.      Misconceptions (“Islam,” 2013)Many people, including myself do not know anything about Islam.  I will go in to detail about what Islam is and who Muslims are.  I will also discuss the 5 Pillars, the Quran, and Muhammad.

B.     Muslims around the World  (“Unity and Diversity,” 2012)1.       Sectarian Differences 2.       Views on Orthodoxy3.       Core Beliefs4.       Unifying RitualsThe world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are united in their belief in God and the Prophet Muhammad, but they have widely differing views about many other aspects of their faith.  The findings were from a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life.  I will discuss these findings. C.     Compare and Contrast Christianity vs Judaism vs Islam (“Comparison,” n.d.)1.       Statistics2.       Origin and History3.       BeliefsThere are many differences between the religions as well as commonalities.  I will give a brief explanation of each religion.  I will compare and contrast all three religions. D.     Barriers between Muslims and non-Muslims (Buehrer, 2014)1.       Culture2.       Ideology3.       Political TensionI will go into detail about the barriers between Muslims and Non-Muslims in Today’s society.  I will talk about why such barriers exist.  I will discuss what needs to happen in order to break down the barriers if possible.   IV. CONCLUSION


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