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Wernicke's Aphasia

Category: Essay Writing

Wernicke’s Aphasia

Paper details

(, in completing this assignment.

Research Requirement

The research requirement for this paper is for (at least five) peer-reviewed articles, which are published in scientific journals. You can find peer-reviewed research articles by searching various library databases, especially those under the “Social Sciences” category, e.g., PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES. I have included a link to the Cheng Library, with instructions on how to find articles, on the “Web Links” page on Bb. You can also click on the link below for a tutorial on how to search the PsycINFO database:

Please note that Wikipedia and other popular internet sources will not be acceptable with regard to the research requirement. You may, however, consult the internet and textbooks for general background information on your topic that can be included in the introductory section of your paper.


You will be required to submit a one-page synopsis of your paper prior to writing the full version. This synopsis should include:
1.a brief description of the issue or condition you will write about.
2.if it is a big topic, e.g., Amnesia, then what aspect(s) or type(s) of the issue you plan to focus on.
3.a list of the peer-reviewed research articles you plan to cite, presented in APA format.

Please make sure to first read through your selected articles, to ascertain that they fit into your topic, before you include them in your synopsis. Yes, if you find more articles after submitting your synopsis, you may include them in the main paper.

I have posted a sample synopsis for you on the Assignments page, in the “Term Paper Help Documents” folder.

NOTE: You will be required to include this synopsis in your final submission; make sure to save it.

Content and Organization of Full Paper

The main body of your paper will comprise four sections (you do not need to label the sections):

1.Introduction – where you provide the definition and/or a good description of the issue or condition you are writing about. You may include information from peer-reviewed research articles, text books, and web sites in this section.

2.Research Review – where you present research findings regarding factors involved in the issue or condition. Your paper must go beyond the description of symptoms to include the cognitive (physiological and/or processing) underpinnings of the condition or issue in question. I want to see citations of only peer-reviewed articles in this section, no internet or textbook citations. For each research article you cite you must briefly state:

a. the goal of the research study

b. a description of the methodology

c. the main results of the study

d. the main conclusions reached by the author(s)

3.Conclusion – where you summarize your findings, give your thoughts on the issue and/or its research, and make your concluding remarks.

4.References – where you list, in APA style, all the sources (articles, textbooks, websites) you cited in your paper. Take a look at the reference section of one of your articles too see the APA format for presenting the reference page. I have also posted some documents for you on the Assignments page.

Note: Every source (research article, web site, textbook) you cite in your paper must be listed on the Reference page. And every listing on the Reference page must have a citation within the paper. If you are not familiar with APA citation and referencing formats, I have included, on the “Web Links” page, links to APA style guide websites and also posted a Help document for you on the Assignments page.

Final Submission

Your final submission should include, in this order: title page, body of paper, reference page, and original one-page synopsis. I have posted a sample submission format for you on the Assignments page. Note that the title, reference, and synopsis pages are not included in the 8-10 page requirement.