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water and lawn issue

Category: Essay Writing

Water and Lawn Issues-

1. Summarize Southern California’s water issues including the symbolism of water,

2. What are three faulty arguments people use to waste water? You may research this by talking with people that have traditional lawns, looking for scholarly work online or by thinking about your own resistance to replacing your lawn.

• Example: “If I can pay for the water, I should be able to use it.” This is faulty logic of the straw man variety. We are all running out of water and you won’t be able to pay for what we do not have.

3. What cultural or prejudicial stereotypes are at play in insisting on having a green lawn? List at least three. What does a green lawn symbolize for people?

• Example: My grandpa comes from Europe where a green lawn is a status symbol. He fears his property value will go down if there is no lawn.