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Warfare and Airpower Studies

Category: Essay Writing

Warfare and Airpower Studies

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3 questions answered seperately in essay format:

(700 Words, minimum 2 cited sources) What are the greatest challenges that asymmetric/irregular warfare poses to the use of airpower? Identify at least 2 issues from past or present conflicts.

(300 Words, minimum 1 cited source) The 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review mentions the word “innovation” 14 times in the document. Throughout history, Airpower across all services has a rich history of disruptive innovations that transformed the way warfare is conducted. How can Airpower across all services continue this historical trend in the face of budget and manpower cuts now and going forward?

(300 Words, minimum 1 cited source) Does the effects-based approach to operations apply to domains other than the air domain? Choose an historical military operation from either the WS or AP course and analyze it through the lens of EBAO?

Support answer with material from both the WS and AP material attached.