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Urbanization Analysis, Green Options & Global Warming Strategies Part 1

Category: Essay Writing

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper ensuring that the content is academically well researched, practical and realistic.

Consider the following scenario: You work preparing for climate change in an urban city planning department and you will be presenting your findings to city leadership. Your role is to identify and review the key practical needs of an urban society and how they are being met today along with helping city leadership plan a recommended changeover to greener products and processes. You will also strategize and prepare for the potential global warming projections for your city.

  • Select an existing city or create your own, it can be large or small.
    • Identify the site and provide a map of your city along with a physical description of the land, topography, etc.
    • Research the global warming projections for your area and address them.
    • Provide an analysis of how the climate has shaped the land up to this point and a projection of how the physical land may change in the coming years due to climatic effects.
  • Identify the needs and services of this urban society.
    • Consider the kinds of energy used (coal, oil, gas, etc.), local food production versus transporting food in, clean water availability, air quality, transportation, education, cost of living, employment, healthcare, landfills, etc.
    • Determine if the way that key urban needs are met today is sustainable and/or harmful to the environment and need to be replaced by greener options.
  • Research and identify greener options for the city to implement for power, water, and other urban needs. Discuss how your city can start to introduce them. Explain how the practical greener options you have presented help the environment, reducing the cost of environmental cleanup in the future and reducing healthcare costs for the population. Discuss funding & planning options if possible, and methods to overcome potential barriers or resistance to the proposed changes.
  • Summarize your research and present your proposed options.


Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. Use an APA Cover Page, etc.


Required: A minimum of 3 academic references plus the textbook. Cite the references in APA format within the paper and include a Reference section at the end in APA format.