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UK Essay for audio file (‪naanni8.3ga)

Category: Essay Writing

Write summative evaluations of the audio presentations. Your summative evaluation for the presentation(of audio file: naanni8.3ga ‪) should be approximately 500 words.

Although the evaluation of this essay is largely based on academic writing skills (including mechanics, referencing, formatting, etc.), it will also be assessed on the ability to construct arguments and illustrate points.

The following outlines the criteria for marking the essay.

Description of talks:
Write the topic, and the name of the speaker(s).
Give accurate and clear summary of presentation; use of appropriate terminology; clear understanding of material as presented.

Assessment of talks:
Critical evaluation of research; assessment of logic/argumentation of presentation; identification of significant issues; identification of potential areas for further investigation/detail.

Good overall structure; well-structured paragraphs; cohesion and coherence.

appropriate style; follows grammar and punctuation conventions; no typos.

The audio :