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Three art forms that represent freedom

Category: Essay Writing


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I need to make an essay about three art forms that represent freedom. I will be providing you with the three art forms later and some information about the three of them. I need an essay with an introduction, three body paragraphs, each one talking about one of the art forms and they need to be connected in a certain way, and lastly a conclusion. This are the instructions for the essay:

Objective: The objective for your group is to choose one of the topics, and then to choose three of the art forms. You will then find a specific example of that art form that focuses on the topic that you have chosen. For example, a group could choose gun policy, and then decide to analyze a movie, photograph, and song dealing with that issue.

Once you have chosen a specific novel, movie, painting, etc., then you will critically analyze it. What does the work of art say about the issue? Does the artist have a distinct point of view or does she approach the topic as a neutral observer? Do you think the piece corresponds to what the majority of people in the community think about the issue or does it challenge conventional thinking? If the art was made in the past, does its viewpoint seem out-of-date or is it still relevant in contemporary society? Do you think it has the ability to change people’s opinions on the issue? Are there things about the piece that you especially appreciate? Are there things that you find objectionable? Is there a universal quality to the piece, meaning would any person in the world find it meaningful, or is it rooted in a particular cultural sensibility? These are some of the questions that you may wish to explore while analyzing the works of art. You do not have to answer all of them for every piece, but you should address some of them in your presentation and paper.

Paper: Each group will be responsible for writing a three-page paper. It will be printed and turned into the professors on the first day of presentations, as well as e-mailed to the professors in Word or PDF format. Even if your presentation is scheduled for a later day, your paper must be submitted on the first day of presentations.

The paper should provide a hyperlink to each of the three works of art, so that the professors can read, listen, or view them on the web. If a piece is not readily available on the web, then provide a brief description of it. Using the questions above to guide your analysis, compare the attitudes of the artists or creators towards the topic and how they chose to express their thoughts and opinions. Be clear about how each work relates to the topic, and highlight what the works had in common and how they contrasted.
It is very important that this analysis comes from original ideas generated from members of the group, and not from previous critiques written by other commentators. We want to see your critical thinking skills at work. You are free to express any point of view you wish, so long as it is reasoned and logical. This means that you should only select pieces of art that you are familiar with because otherwise you will have to do research on an unfamiliar work, and this defeats the purpose of the project. You should have to do no outside research other than narrowing down the actual pieces that you want to write about. If you are an international student, you are welcome to select a piece of art from your country, but please make sure that it is translated or subtitled in English.
Each paper should include a title page with your assigned group number and the names of each member of the group, as well as an introductory and concluding paragraph. The paper should be double-spaced in Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font with once- inch margins. It should be stapled.