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There is a need for socially responsible and ethical strategies during global expansion into emerging markets and developed countries and also into undeveloped countries

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Paper details

Proposed Research Position: Benefits outweigh challenges associated with social and ethical responsibilities during global expansions

Proposed project topics:

The need for socially responsible and ethical expansion strategies: differences in specific countries; aspects associated with type of industry or the nature of the business itself (what impact will the business have on the people, the environment or the natural resources, etc.)
Environmental strategies within unique areas of operation (China, Europe, and Africa countries)
Cost and time (constraints and opportunities) associated with incorporating social and ethical responsible business practices when expanding globally.
Business policy (creation, variation, management of, etc.)
Benefits to the organization, to society, etc.

Literature review:


Gives an objective overview of the literature published about a topic, both dated and contemporary, and also recognizes credibility of the sources.  The goal is to achieve a thorough awareness about the topic for consideration of future research.


The focus of a literature review is to summarize and synthesize the arguments and ideas of others, without adding new contributions.



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