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Theology and Falsification

Category: Essay Writing

Theology and Falsification

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In “Theology and Falsification,” Antony Flew offers a particular criticism of or challenge to a certain kind of religious belief.
First, what exactly is Flew’s criticism? It would help in explaining this if you also made clear what kind of religious belief Flew is addressing, and what kind of religious belief would be immune to his criticism.

Second, is Flew’s criticism a valid reason to reject religious beliefs of the sort he describes as meaningless, or not? In answering that question you may wish to draw on ideas on ideas from the related articles by Hare, Mitchell, or Wisdom (but you don’t have to).

*General Requirements:
1.the last sentence of introduce must is thesis statement.
2.the resource of this paper must from the additional material (I will upload later).
3.the paper must include at least some argument which is original,i.e. not merely a repetition of an argument made in one of your sources. Ideas which aren’t in the reading but which you got from the lectures or your discussions with classmates count as “original” for our quotations.