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The Psychological Impact of Slavery

Category: Essay Writing

The Psychological Impact of Slavery

Paper details

Research Paper (one paper)
Choose a topic of your choice from Beloved. You must include a theoretical critical approach as part of your research and writing. You must have:
a. In text citation from at least one academic article
b. In text citation from a theory or theorist
c. In text citation from Beloved
d. A work cited page
Follow class discussions for other instructions and discussions on the theorists or theories
You must write a well constructed and researched five (5) page essay. You must have:
1. an introduction with a clear thesis
2. body paragraphs with a topic sentence and at least ten other sentences supporting your topic sentence, and
3. a conclusion
4. good grammar
5. good expressions
6. good sentences
7. good punctuation
8. good organization
9. good paragraphing, and
10. good spelling.

The essay’s in-text citation, work cited page, organization, and format must adhere strictly to the MLA format.
Thesis and articles have to be pre-approved, and you cannot write on a topic you have already presented in essay form for grading.