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The project consists of designing, estimating, and analyzing a regression model

Category: Economics

Additional Information for Econ 409 Paper

From syllabus:
The project consists of designing, estimating, and analyzing a regression model. The following must be submitted to fulfill the project requirement:

1. A paper, 10 pages maximum, not including the appendix. (Do not single-space.)

2. An appendix, containing computer printouts of all results reported in the paper and the web page addresses where the data can be found. If your data are not from the web, you must copy at least a portion of the original data source.

3. All data used in the project, so that your results can be verified. (Send me the data in a gretl file by email.)

When submitted, the paper and appendix should be flat, not in a three-ring binder. The paper, appendix, and email with your data are due date .

Additional information:
Your paper should contain:
1. Information about where the data come from.
2. Include a table of descriptive statistics. (Mean, minimum, maximum, standard deviation of each variable.)
3. A literature review of relevant work that concerns your topic. You don’t have to mention every paper that covers your topic but the ones you think are the most important.
4. Theory: Why did you include the Xs that you did? (It may have something to do with the literature review, if so, mention that.)
5. What are your initial results?
6. Test for possible violations of OLS assumptions.
7. How did you address any OLS problems?
8. What other models did you try?
9. What are your “final” results? (You can have more than one set of “final” results.)
10. Have a nontechnical conclusion of what you learned about your topic from the paper.
11. In general, make sure you include all the work you did so you get credit for it (different models or tests, etc.)
All tables, regression printouts, etc. should be in the appendix, not the regular text of the paper, and should be referred to with page numbers such as A-1, A-2,…