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The nature of work and education in the US and around the world

Category: Essay Writing

Unit #2: Learning: The nature of work and education in the US and around the world

Topic: “Changing Attitudes Towards Work in the 21th Century.” Do some preliminary research on how the nature of work has changed since 1900, and how businesses, educational systems, industry and governments have responded to the aspects of work and education. Conclude with where you think we are headed in the technological age of the 21st century.

About the Essay

  • · Five (5) full pages, 1500 words
  • · MLA guidelines and works cited
  • · Analysis, synthesis, readings, video, class discussions, activities, etc.
  • · Always use double spacing, between and within paragraphs
  • · ONE inch all around margins
  • · Your essay must meet minimum standards of SAE (Standard American English). This means use

of complete sentences, paragraph formation, and adherence to spelling and grammar rules, an

introduction, body, and conclusion

  • Essay must include examples, details, direct quotations, and paraphrases from the literature.

Your writing must show evidence of:

o Analysis of two or more readings
o Research
o Synthesis of ideas; that is, connections
o Evaluation of concepts and ideas found in the readings
o USE OUTSIDE source for your research, use credible sources: articles, journals, books o USE your Reference Librarian for this essay
o Include a title page (this page is NOT part of the five (5) pages)
o Include a bibliography or a reference page

Primary Approach:

  • · Select a topic of inquiry about the essay
  • · Topic must be approved by Dr. Oropeza Citing Text:

When citing sources, whether quoting or paraphrasing, identify page number in parenthetical form (26). Always include a signal phrase to identify who is speaking or why lines are being cited. Include quotation marks and signal phrase when using direct quotations.

Follow MLA format for quotations of more than four lines