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The impact of Dubai’s second international airport on the city states economy

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The impact of Dubai’s second international airport on the city states economy

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This past week Dubai International Airport overtook London Heathrow as the

number 1 airport in the world in terms of international passenger traffic with

66.4 million passengers traveling through gates in 2013. This small city in the

United Arab Emirates has transformed its economy from pearl diving, to oil and

now to a service driven economy with the aviation sector accounting for around

19% of total employment in Dubai, and 28 per cent of Dubai’s GDP.

In 2013, the first terminal of Dubai’s second International airport, Al Maktoum

International Airport opened in Jebel Ali. This airport is poised to become the

largest airport in the world, overtaking Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International

with plans 6 active runways and an estimate of 160 million passengers annually

by 2020.

In this directed study, we will be looking at the direct impact this new airport

will have on the city. With Emirates Airlines and FlyDubai having a monopoly on

Dubai’s aviation sector will this new megaproject change the current status quo

and attract foreign airlines to come and base a secondary hub in Dubai? With

such vast investments in infrastructure, will Dubai’s airport be able to maintain

such large growths or will this project become a white elephant as a city of 1.5

million people aims to have 160 million people pass through its airport in less

than 6 years time?