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The great gatsby

Category: Essay Writing

The great gatsby

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For Essay 4, you will be comparing the book The Great Gatsby to the film that you will be watching in class, or to the Robert Redford Gatsby film (if you prefer it and have access to it). The point of this paper is to make an argument about the choices the filmmakers made in adapting the book to film. Remember that saying “The book and the film have similarities but also differences” is not an argument, just a statement of fact. To craft a true argument, think about making either an evaluative statement (“The Luhrman film of The Great Gatsby is not an effective adaptation because the central character’s personality and motivations are completely different”) or focusing in on one aspect of the text in particular (“Luhrman’s film presents a version of Daisy that is much more sympathetic than Fitzgerald’s version”). If you do choose to make an “effectiveness” argument, be sure to define what you mean by “effective.” To support your argument, you should use lots of specific examples from the text and the film.

This paper should also include some outside research (beyond the novel): to be specific, three outside sources. These sources can be literary criticism articles about the book, reviews of the film, or articles that compare the two. You should use these sources to support your argument as well.


-3 pages, in Times New Roman, size 12 font, with 1-inch margins

-MLA formatting for citations and page (don’t forget Works Cited Page!)