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The Aegeus Scene" In Euripides' Medea

Category: Literature

Your assignment is to write an argumentative essay in which you show the purpose of the “Aegeus Scene” pages 21-25, lines 647-742, in the text. ( pon el nombre autor y edicion del libro)

To write this short essay (three paragraphs) you will need to re-read the scene as many times as is necessary for you to “pluck out the heart of (its) mystery” As a means to this end (as a kind of “prep” for coming up with a response to the Aegeus topic), you might consider some of the following questions: why has Aegeus paid a visit to the Delphic Oracle? What has brought him to Corinth? What is his attitude towards Medea? What is his attitude toward Jason when he learns of Jason’s behavior and his plans? Aegeus offers her asylum. What does Medea promise Aegeus in return for asylum? What Medea “learned”, if anything, as a result of Aegeus’s visit? (Keep in mind that you do not have to write out specific answers to the preceding questions- they are offered to you as encouragement to think about that scene and its relationship to the play)

Now write your essay.
(note that it is only after this scene is over that Medea reveals her plans to kill her children. Up to this point, all of her anger and plotting have been directed against Creon, Jason, and his bride-to-be, Glauke. She now turns her attention to the children. Note further that she reveals her plans to the Chorus.)

You are urged to use the three-paragraph format to your advantage:

1) Having determined a form for your “statement,” write a first paragraph in which you reveal that you think this play is about… the “tragic journey” that Medea endures**– her “arc”.
2) Quoting liberally from the text, write a second paragraph in which you offer what you consider to be some of the “highlights” of the Aegeus scene.
3) Analyzing the evidence you have presented in paragraph two, write a third paragraph in which you show the purpose of this scene. Begin with “ the purpose of “The Aegeus scene is…”