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Terrorist group ISIS

Category: Humanity

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Terrorist group ISIS
I. Title
A. Short
B. Creative
II. Introduction Paragraph
A. Like a hook – get the reader involved
B. Possibilities:
1. Narrative / story from your research
2. Personal narrative
3. Hypothetical story of a person with a problem related
to your topic
4. Revealing statistics
5. Description of the severity of the problem
6. Why the topic is of interest to you
7. Physical description of a setting
8. Agreat quote from a famous person

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9. Description of a process
C. End with your thesis statement
III. Background Paragraph
A. Limit to about one page
B. Assume your reader is not very familiar with your topic
C. Give the historical setting/framework as to how the issue
D. Include some/all of the following:
1. When did things originate
2. Where
3. How did it start
4. Why
5. Who was involved
6. How serious was it
7. How did things evolve to where they are today
8. How widespread
IV. Body Paragraphs
A. Each one provides one reason in support of your thesis
B. You may subdivide the long ones
C. Each should include at least one citation
D. Use logic, examples, quotes, etc.
E. Remember – it’s YOURpaper; don’t rely too much on others
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