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Category: Technology

Web Exercise 7.2: The “Numerati” are Watching You

How is technology used to learn about your personal life?
How is this from of marketing different from traditional marketing?
What does baker mean by the term tribes? Is this good sociology?
What are the cultural attributes most important in understanding purchasing experiences? Political orientation?
What is the connection between data mining and consumerism? And security?
Is your privacy compromised by these activities?

Web Exercise 7.3: Cyberwar/Cybercrime

How does our dependence on technology open the door or cyberwar?
What is the dynamic between cyberwarfare and cybercrime?
What conflicts exist between private corporations’ drive for profit and the need for security?
What is the connection between cybercrime and globalization?
How vulnerable are you to cyberattacks or identity theft?

Web Exercise 7.7: What about your Tech Trash?

How is the problem of high-tech trash a global problem?
Describe the health and environmental problems that results from this trash.
Why is high-tech trash more of a problem than traditional trash?
In what ways does inequality factor into the problem of high-tech trash?
What responsibilities do businesses that create technology products have regarding their trash?
As a consumer of technology, what is your responsibility for the trash you create?