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Tax Memo 3

Category: Essay Writing

Tax Memo 3

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Complete the following research problem in your textbook, South-Western Federal Taxation:
Chapter 20, Research Problem #2 on page 20-29
Complete preparation of tax memo for tax research problem assigned by your professor in Week 9.
Structure your memo as follows:

Your professor will review this process in more detail during class, including how to access and utilize online tax databases and services to perform the necessary tax research. Please prepare for this discussion by completing 8-4: Tax Memo 3 prior to class.
Facts: Succinctly state the facts relevant to the resolution of the taxpayer’s issue. Doing so involves reviewing the facts to include only those relevant to answering the question(s) at issue in your memorandum.
Question Presented: State the question or questions your memorandum seeks to answer. If possible, present it in a single sentence (e.g., “Will Mr. Smith have to include the value of the property in income?”). Most (if not all) of the memoranda you will be assigned will present a single, overarching question. Granted, there may be multiple issues that you have to analyze to answer this question, but all of them go toward answering the larger question –such as whether the taxpayer has to include the value of some property in income.