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Swimming Lessons and other stories from Firozsha Baag Essay

Category: Essay Writing

ESSAY ABOUT BOOK called Swimming Lessons by Rohinton Mistry.
Write a paper in which you make sense of Rohinton Mistry’s use of multiple perspectives(or points of view) to portray Firozsha Baag and its inhabitants. Consider, in particular, the use of different lenses as a narrative strategy that captures the complexity of community and place.

1. Your paper must use examples from FOUR different stories
2. Your analysis should include at least one story that is about a character living in Canada
3. You must use quotes or examples from the text throughout your paper, averaging at least 2 a paragraph.
4. Don’t let quotes speak for you; if and when using a quote, follow up with a sentence or two explaining how and why that quote works as evidence in support of your analysis.
5. No floating quotes: integrate quotes into your own sentences.