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Stress in Modern life and the past.

Category: Essay Writing

is modern life more stressful than the past? Stress has been identified as a factor in causing or exacerbating a range of health condition. Outline three specific aspects pf modern life which could cause stress and provide two examples of disease or ill heath which are bought about or made worse by this. In order to conclude whether modern life is in fact more stressful, evaluate the evidence to show that these illness have become more common in the last three decades. Your evidence should be based on research into the UK and one country of your choice.

Title Analysis:-
Topic: Stress in Modern life and the past.
Focus: 1) three aspects of Modern life
2) Two examples of illness or effects
Instruction: outline, conclude , evaluate, provide
Restriction: UK and another country, references from the last three decade
Interdiction • Definition of Stress
• This work will demonstrate that modern life style causes more stress than the past because life is more complicated now days . it will also consider three causes of stress and two effects that come with stress

• Route map
 Causes
1. stress at work place
2. student life stress

3. financial and economical
 Effects
1. Depression
2. Heart disease
Main body • way of life in the past and now
 causes of stress
 stress at work place
 student life stress
 financial and economical
 Effect of stress
 Depression
 Heart disease
Conclusion • Summary
• Restate thesis statement
• General argument – will stress increase in the future