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Status Report

Category: Essay Writing

Status Report

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Prepare a status report on the local( as in Malta) burden of non-communicable disease of your choice. Such a
status report should include not only measures of disease frequency available but also figures
showing associations with risk factors for the condition in question and also complication rates
and the mortality burden, if relevant, with a focus on differences by gender, age, social class.
In not more than 1000 words prepare a plan for such a status report, identifying at least five
sources of data you could possibly use, which may include existing publications, international
databases, registers and survey datasets. Appraise each source, identifying which of the
elements above can be examined using the said data source, and justify your choice for these
sources over others.

( The disease to be written about is Hypertension). It is very very important to notice that (Local as in Malta )local information and data are the targets of this report. This can be obtained by MFA and EU databases, and routine data, in which appraisal of each source is required. Online sources only are not sufficient, there must be mixed sources.

It can be written in that way:
1- the disease and its definition.
2-sources + appraisal of the sources.
3- discuss as in brainstorming the information.

Tables, diagrams and graphs can be included but do not replace the discussion.