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Stanislaus Police Department

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Stanislaus Police Department

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Stanislaus Police Department
You must resolve the communication deficiencies creating problems with personnel. Problems that are apparently caused by poor communications between headquarters and field personnel are seriously hampering operations. Orders issued by headquarters in some instances are not understood by field personnel. There is a breakdown that must be corrected. Policies and objectives of the department seem to be little understood by operating personnel. How can this be improved. The department currently has a very disorganized and poorly updated duty manual.

Law Enforcement policies have been distorted to imply that the department is operating a “quota system, especially in the traffic division (1st Shift).” The concept of selective enforcement and discretion has not been properly presented to field people. Make recommendations of both a short range and long-range nature that will correct this situation. Citizen complaints of excessive ticketing is at an all-time high, as are motor vehicle accidents. The local newspaper has featured several articles recently about the ticket situation and the chief and city council want the complaints to be reduced. Grant funding is available for 5 years and the city council has agreed to provide the funding for new personnel if you can present a plan that will address the problems.

You may hire an additional officer and promote officer to a new traffic investigator position using the organizational chart presented in class and available on Blackboard. The investigator will be hired from within the department.
Use Douglas McGregor theory X for this paper. 2 pages full for the theory. you should connect the theory to the Chief as well. it’s like when you want to tell the Chief how the theory will work. You must present a theory to upper level management, i.e. City Council, Chief, Assistant Chief, and two captains. You must briefly explain the theory in one paragraph and then explain how the theory addresses the problems and how it can help. The chief is the oldest officer on the department, and can be quite rigid and strict in thinking. The assistant chief is younger and is open to new ideas as is one of the captains. The City Council just wants a reasonable solution.
Your theory section should be at least 2 full pages in length. All management items must be addressed fully. This paper is fictional. The Stanislaus police department is real, but the problem is fictional. You must give a theory of how to fix the ticketing problem in the county.