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Specific power of literature.

Category: Literature

specific power of literature.

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4. Using two different pieces of literature, write an essay that argues for a specific power of literature. This power might be a power to change the reader, to help us understand the Other, the power to transport, or to connect us. You must use specific examples . Requirements and format
• Essay form with proper, indented paragraphs (use 5 space indentation)
• 2-3 pages typed, double-spaced
• Use MLA style to format your paper
• Include 2-3 direct quotes at least
• Use the authors’ full names and the full titles of the pieces of literature in the introductory paragraph of your essay
Your goal in this essay is to celebrate what you have learned this semester about the literature and to demonstrate your ability to discuss specific aspects of the literature in a thesis statement and demonstrate what you have learned this semester. Use the terms we learned in class, use specific ones like “character,” “imagery”, etc., and use all the skills you learned to demonstrate your own knowledge and intelligence.
. Please avoid using “you” and keep to phrases like “we”.