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Smile’ for Transparency in Dave Eggers’ the Circle

Category: Essay Writing

‘Smile’ for Transparency in Dave Eggers’ the Circle

Mae unquestioningly accepts the Circle’s precept that her downtime is part of her work. The Circle itself is a recognizable Bay Area consumer electronics company run by 3 boy geniuses called the Three Wise Men who envision a world in which every experience, no matter how intimate or solitary, is recorded and publicly shared. “Privacy is theft” becomes one of their corporate mantras. The reason why I chose ‘Smile’ for Transparency is because the Circle (company) pushed it’s employees to become transparent and share everything, even going as far as wearing cameras to record their life and not deleting any data uploaded on the cloud. In one part, Mae gives a hand job to one of the geeks, Francis G, and is rebuked for asking to have a video recording of that event taken down from the cloud that Francis had secretly recorded of her. The ‘Smile’ comes from a survey that Mae takes part for the Circle’s clients where she had to answer random consumer questions. The default answers during her training for this survey were ‘Smile’, ‘Meh’, ‘Frown’, mainly to see if she liked something or not. I want to talk about the advantages of transparency that the Circle would introduce into the world, I know most people will see the Circle as a monopolizing, utopian, brainwashing company out to purify the masses. But I would like to talk about the pros and how they would benefit the government and the citizens, save historic events, help in the sharing of knowledge, and talk about how the world we are in now is no better place etc..