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Sexuality and the Body

Category: Sociology

Sexuality and the Body

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My major is Sociology, the course name is Sociological theory. This is reflection paper, The teacher instructions is: ( Each student will write a short 1-2 page “reflection paper” on each week’s assignment. It should consist of two sections. 1) Exposition – What does the author say? What are the key ideas of the theorist and how is it presented? 2) Analysis – Bring to bear not only your opinions but please try to compare and contrast with previous readings. The topic reading of this week is Sexuality and the Body. From Dillon book, pp. 427-449. 350-370, and Butler in Lemert, pp. 562-573. So I will attach to you the reading material I do not want any references you should write the reflection from just the reading material . Note: It is not summary, and not book review. I do not want any biography information, and I do not want introduction what i want is to go direct to the concepts and analysis it ,you should show the teacher thats you understand the concepts. Also, do not write above the text go inside the text and demonstrate that you are understand the concepts. After you finish writing the reflection write to me two possible sociological theory research paper topics from this chapter. Please, If you have any questions let me know.