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Service Learning Project

Category: Project

Service Learning Project
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Identify a service project that interests you and that relates to some aspect of business in society.
Service ideas may be facilitated through the SLCC Thayne Community Service Center or many
other organizations that provide community service opportunities. If you choose to do a service

project that is not affiliated with an organized service center, clear the project first with your
instructor. Your service should be with a project with which you are not currently involved.
Exampleof acceptable service projects include:

Participate in organizing a special event for a community group.

Complete the following:
1. Perform 10 hours of voluntary service. This may be done in multiple shifts.
2. Keep a reflective journal of your experiences. After each session of service, write your
thoughts, insights, and feelings about the service you provided. Include service hours provided,
lessons learned, and new insights gained.
3. Upon completion of the above, write a 2 page word-processed paper which summarizes your
service experience. Address the following topics:
a.. Description of your service project.
b. Relation of service to business in society
c. Lessons learned
d. New insights gained