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scientific news

Category: Science

Write a critical comparison of how a particular scientific news item is communicated within two contrasting media formats.

You might, for example, compare a newspaper feature article with a series of blog

posts, a museum exhibit with a popular science magazine article, or a radio programme

with a comedy science performance. You are free to choose whichever scientific topic

and media formats are of most interest to you, though the media formats must be from

different genres (so e.g. you can’t select two ‘print’ media to compare, or two ‘online’

media, but comparing one print medium with an online medium is fine). Using specific

evidence from within your chosen examples, and drawing on wider academic literature,

consider the three key questions that underpin this module:

• Q1: How does the medium affect what is communicated?

• Q2: Who has ownership of the content and context in each case?

• Q3: Who does the resulting information reach, and who is excluded?

Note: you are expected to do further research and go beyond the discussions in class.

Please attach an appendix containing a copy of your chosen examples (or a weblink to

where they are accessible). This appendix does NOT count towards your word count.