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Schrodingers equation and the history of schrodingers equation

Category: Essay Writing

schrodingers equation and the history of schrodingers equation

Paper details

You will need to cite at least 6 references, and at least 4 of them must be “primary sources” (i.e. research journals). The others may be review articles, magazines, books or websites.
The entire report should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font work.

The report you generate will consist of the following sections:
I. Title – a one sentence-long name that indicates the main idea of the paper.
II. Abstract – a short paragraph that summarizes the main idea of the paper.
III. Introduction – a background of the subject including the reason you chose the
particular topic. This section should not be longer than 2 or 3 paragraphs.
IV. Main Body – the section of the report that details the important aspects of the subject.
V. Conclusion – the last one or two paragraphs where you describe what you got out of the research.
VI. References – here you will list all of your cited references.
The references should listed using the ACS format as described in Chapter 3 of the textbook (A Short Guide to Writing about Chemistry by Davis, Tyson, and Pechenik). Failure to follow this format will result in a lower grade.