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Sam Houston and the American Southwest

Category: case study

Sam Houston and the American Southwest

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Relying only on material from the The Sam Houston Biography, thoroughly answer the following questions:

Section 1: Throughout his life, Sam Houston had a special bond with Native Americans, especially the Cherokees. Discuss this relationship, giving examples from the book about his interactions with them, as well as his personal concern for their welfare.

Section 2 : A general theme throughout the biography is Sam Houston’s wisdom and moral courage. Discuss at least three examples where Houston took the wise or morally correct public stance, in spite of the fierce criticism he was certain to face.

Section 3 : How did Sam Houston come to marry Margaret Lea, and what did she mean to his life?

I need to Include at least three direct, block quotes (total, not per section) from Sam Houston and the American Southwest to support position.Be sure to put citation for these quotations in parentheses and in all caps.