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Rosenhan 1973 Study article review

Category: Article Critique

Rosenhan 1973 Study article review

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For this 3rd essay, you will have to create your own questions to include. I will not provide you with a guide. A good way to do this would be to look at the past two essay assignments, and use some of the same kinds of questions that you addressed in the first two essays.
Remember that the point of the essay is to practice paraphrasing and providing the proper APA Style citation.
You must provide a citation as soon as you make a statement of fact, in each new paragraph.
Past essay questions
essay one
1. Write the reference for the article as it appears at the beginning of the article.
2. Explain the concept that memory is a reconstruction of actual events.
3. What was the theoretical proposition for Loftus’s research?
4. The article presents four (4) different experiments in this article. For each experiment explain the nature of the manipulation and the results.
5. How does Loftus’s research apply to eyewitness testimony and its validity in the judicial system?

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6. Describe recent applications of Loftus’s research.
7. Describe a situation in which when trying to remember an event you filled in gaps with information that was not necessarily recalled with information that typically occurs in that situation.
Essay two
1. Describe the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy.
a. Explain the origin of the idea.
b. Describe the expectancy effect, also known as the Pygmalion effect.
2. What method did the researchers use to test their theory? (Be specific)
3. What were the results of this experiment?
a. What were the possible explanations of why this effect was not demonstrated in the higher grade levels?
4. What is the significance of Rosenthal & Jacobson’s findings?
5. Discuss recent research related to this topic.
6. How might the findings from this research influence how you approach your career? There is no correct answer to this question; it is your opinion. Make sure to explain how your answer addresses the research findings.

Preferred language style   US English