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Risk Management in Homeland Security

Category: Management

Written assignments Deliverables: Submit a 6 to 8 page written assignments created in Microsoft Word, and follow the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Cover page, table of contents and reference page are not to be counted. Final Exam consisting of seven sections from which you are to answer a minimum of five sections.
1.0 Why would a society be more sensitive to pure risk, reckless and demonstrative behavior? When people consider a risk, do they tend to focus on the likelihood and returns? Why might somebody’s real sensitivity to risk vary from expectations?

2.0 Forecast an operational problem when contributors work alongside each other with different controls on the same risk? What is compound risk? How does diversifying our risk reduce our total risk without reducing any particular risk?

3.0 Why should you maintain some record of your assessments and management of security or risk? When should one organization communicate information from its risk records to another organization? Provide ten examples of risk?

4.0 What is a typical threats to operations? What is business continuity? How would you explain NATO’s responsibility for the changes in the risk to NATO logistics in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2008 and 2009?

5.0 Why should Humans be part of a perimeter? How could you select locations that are secure? Why is counter-surveillance useful at a site?

6.0 Give example of information outside of cyber space? What is the official difference between a computer virus, worm, and Trojan Horse? Describe the known motivation and intentions of insider threats?

7.0 Describe the process of a comprehensive Risk Analysis for business involved in the production of firearms? What is “baseline risk?” How do we get there and why is it important? What is the origin and purpose of the Homeland Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center (HITRAC)?