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Right to Work State

Category: Essay Writing

Develop a review of literature on “Right to Work State”

Write a minimum of a 10 page paper using the following format.

1. Introduction ( 10 pts)

i. What is the concept of “Right to Work State”?

ii. How many states are ““Right to Work States”?

iii. When did they become “Right to Work States”.

2. History of “Right to Work State” (5 pts)

3. Debate : What are the arguments for and against “Right to Work State” (10 pts)

i. Give examples

ii. Cite your references (internet, media, articles….)

iii. Summarize the results of all the debates that you collected and analyzed from the literature and media.

4. Conclusion (3 pts)

i. What do you think of the “Right to Work State”? Use your own words and argument your ideas in at least one paragraph.

5. Writing style, grammar, APA style, vocabulary, clarity, arguments (2 pts)