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Racism In America

Category: Humanity

Compose a research position paper of at least 1,000 words on the topic you have chosen.

The paper should contain at least five separate paragraphs.

The paper should contain the following elements:

•An introduction that previews the topic and brings the reader into the existing conversation

•A balanced discussion of the essential perspectives/positions on your topic

•A precise, persuasive, and pertinent thesis that encapsulates your position on the topic

•Sufficient and varied evidence to support your position throughout the paper, including logical reasoning and facts/data

•Sufficient clarification of the relationship(s) between essential perspectives (including yours)

•Anticipation and refutation of counter-arguments or common objections to your position

•A conclusion that demonstrates the relevance and impact of your topic and your position

The research paper should be written and formatted in scrupulous adherence to all APA style guidelines for its genre and include a title page, abstract, body, references page, and in-text citations for all outside material, whether that outside material is paraphrased or quoted.