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Questioning Islamic Traditions

Category: Religious studies

The purposes of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have read, watched, or listened to and understand information in an article, video, or audio file and can relate this to the course material in the textbook. The goal is for you to demonstrate critical thinking in figuring out how to apply the course material to the information in the presentations.

Complete it in detail a minimum 300 word essay, with discussion of specific material in the textbook, video/audio, and your own thoughts compiled together as an analysis. Approach the topics from a sociological perspective rather than simply personal opinion. Please make sure to cite AND reference the information in your response from the textbook and video/audio, following APA format. This means citing the author, date of publication, and page number (or paragraph numbers for web articles without page numbers) and including APA formatted references at the end.

Access MySocLab: Select Multimedia Library-Chapter Eleven. Watch the ABC Nightline Video: Questioning Islamic Traditions. First, describe the specific issues addressed in this video. Then, using information from our textbook as well as from research you conduct on the Internet, discuss whether the issues covered in the video resemble the manner in which women are treated in other religions or are unique to Islam.

Access MySocLab at:

Course material: Racial and Ethnic Groups 13th Edition; by Richard T. Schaefer; Chapters 10, 11, & 12