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Prostitution in the U.S.

Category: Ethics


The issue of prostitution continues to permeate the thoughts of Americans. Considered the world’s
oldest profession and a prevalent nuisance that attracts all sorts of miscreants who disrupt the public
order, prostitution is currently illegal in most of the states in the U.S.; however, a growing number of
voices have called for it to be legalized.

Your Task

Using information from the readings and your notes from the documentaries, argue for or against
the legalization of prostitution in the US. In short, write an essay of at least 5.5 PAGES, whose
primary audience is US. lawmakers, taking a clear position on the legalization of prostitution.

The book that is called “Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and rent boys”.
Writer must read this book before write this essay because there are few stories is required.

1. Sam Formo (pp. 15-21)
2. Sprinkle (pp.38, 41-43)
3. David Henry Sterry (pp.82-89)
4.White (pp.79-81)
5.Anastasia Krylov (pp.118-120)
6.Juliana Piccillo (pp.139-152)
7.Tod Jackson (pp.211-218)
8.Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore (pp.232-234)
9.Justin Jones (pp.248-252)
10.”The Man Of My Dreams” (pp.284)
11.”A Very Bad Person” (pp.291-292)
12.”Dead Man Walking” (pp.295-296)
13. Brittany Caufman (pp.297-298)
14.”Getaway Money” (pp.305)
15.Jessica Bertucci (pp.316-317)
16.The Struggle (pp.321-322)
17.Brenda (pp.323-324)
18.Diamond “chante” (pp.326-327)
19.Alexis (pp.328)
20.Janice “Time Square” (pp.332)