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Project Planning

Category: Project

The project which this coursework is based on is a school situated in central Scotland. The project has a contract period of 57 weeks (285 days).

Task 1 – Produce both a target gantt chart and a precedence network by logically linking the activities provided from Table 1 (see pages 2-3), clearly showing a critical path in both. You are required to use a project planning software (Primavera Risk Analysis or Microsoft Project). Your programme should comprise all activities that are provided in Table 1, demonstrating good logic and relevant functionalities of the software. Your calendar should display sufficient complexity to model real-world situations. You should also present the output from the software to a suitable level of detail and it has to be legible.

Task 2 – The project has commenced and you, as the project manager, have discovered that several of your target critical path activities will be delayed. Discuss how you will resolve these without affecting your target project completion date. You should focus on the use of effective monitoring and control techniques. Furthermore, this school forms the initial part of a programme of 20 similar schools and you required to provide recommendations as to how you could maximise learning within and between projects.

Important! The programme should start on the first working Monday following your own birthday in the year 2014.
For those who do not have access to project planning software, a free 60-day trial version of Microsoft Project Professional 2013 may be downloaded at:

Table 1: Important Information
This table consists of a selective list of activities associated with the construction of a school project.
The Phases and headings are in the right order but the activities are arranged in alphabetical order.
Many of the activites will overlap and run concurrently in the programme, demonstrating a combination of finish to start, start to start, finish to finish links. The durations are in working days.

Phase 1 Activity Duration
Asbestos Strip to Existing School 30d
Demolition of Existing School 20d
Form New Site Entrance (Planning Approval Dependant) 10d
Piling Mat 8d
Temporary Site Accommodation 2d
Utility Disconnections by Client 0d
Phase 2 Activity Duration
Enabling Works
Commence Enabling Works 0d
Establish Site Accommodation 5d
Fencing 10d
Infrastructure Drainage Inc Sewer Connection 10d
Muckshift 25d
Street Lighting 2d
Sub Base to Car Park 8d
Sub Base to Playground & Footpath 10d
Temporary Services 2d
Tree Protection Barriers 1d
Utilities 5d
Commence Substructure 0d
Complete External Drainage 15d
Concrete Pad & Strip Foundations Inc Stair & Lift Bases 20d
Excavate & Trim Piles 9d
Ground Floor Slab 15d
Incoming Utilities 5d
Piling 15d
Sprinkler Tank / Gas Meter Housing Plinths 5d
Sub Base to Ground Floor Slab 5d
Underslab Drainage 10d
Commence Steelwork 0d
Concrete Infill Suspended Slab 5d
Erect Structural Steelwork Inc Stairs & Handrails 15d
Fire Protection to Steelwork 10d
Gym Blockwork 11d
Kitchen Blockwork 4d
Lift Shaft Blockwork 9d
Metal Decking 5d
Phase 2 Handover for Roof Netting 0d
Plantroom Blockwork 8d
Switchroom Blockwork 5d
Building Weathertight 0d
Commence Roofing 0d
Fascias & Soffits 5d
Insulation Board, Membrane & Kalzip 10d
Rainwater Pipes 5d
Roof Edge Protection 5d
Roof Gutters 2d
Roof Liner Sheet 2d
Roof Netting 2d
Upstands to Roof Penetrations 10d
Commence Envelope 0d
Curtain Walling to Plantroom 3d
Facing Brick Phase 1 20d
Facing Brick Phase 2 25d
Install Curtain Walling 7d
Install Doors 5d
Install Windows 1st Floor 10d
Install Windows Gr Floor 10d
Metsec Frame 1st Floor 17d
Metsec Frame Ground Floor 15d
Substructure Brickwork 10d
Timber Cladding 6d
Internal Fit-Out
1st Floor School 65d
Ground Floor School 80d
Gym & Stage 20d
Plantroom Installations 100d
Stairwell 1 50d
Stairwell 2 50d
Stairwell 3 50d
External Works 45d
Electrical Commissioning 15d
Mechanical Commissioning 10d
Handover & Validation
Building Control Inspection 0d
Clean 15d
Client Demonstrations 4d
Project Completion 0d

MSc Project Management Coursework 2
Coursework Submission Requirements Checklist

1. An electronic copy of your project planning file (e.g. primavera “.pln” or Microsoft Project “.mpp”) saved in the following format: SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_PM_CWK2_SOFTWARE
(Please note that those using Microsoft Project 2013 should save their files as Project 2010 files to avoid compatibility issues).
2. A Report – maximum of 2,500 words (10% either way is allowable) and significant emphasis is placed on your ability to source and evaluate a wide range of sources covering the topic and in your ability to synthesis and draw your own conclusions. The report should be fully referenced using the Harvard style Save the report in the following format: SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_PM_CWK2_Report

This submission must represent your own work – any copying of files or other plagiarism will be the subject of disciplinary proceedings. Late submissions will receive a mark of 0%.
Coursework Feedback Form

Name: ______

Module Code & Title: MMN221207 Coursework 2

Lecturer / Date:

Element % A B C D E F
Task 1
Gantt Chart & Precedence Network with critical paths 20
Effective use of calendars, milestones and presentation 10
Task 2
Discussion of the resolution of delays to critical path activities 10
Discussion of effective monitoring & control techniques 30
Recommendations on learning 30
Overall Impression of Work 100