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Project Planning and Management/ Conference Project Plan.

Category: Project

You are a member of Bangor University’s Electrical Engineering Society and you have volunteered to Project Manage a 2 day conference, on June 2nd and 3rd 2015. The conference will highlight a range of exciting new developments in the field of Electronic Engineering and you will be inviting 5 experts in the field to give lectures and workshops, showing films and running an exhibition, during the 2 days.

Two of the guest speakers are from Kuwait and China, the rest live in the UK. They will need you to organise their travel and accommodation. You will be inviting local, regional and national Electrical Engineering companies to exhibit their products and services and to showcase their employment opportunities for graduates from the School.

You will be sending out invites to 100 people to attend the event and expect about 80 to confirm their interest. You will be charging £100 per person for the 2 day event, to include food and refreshments, but not including accommodation. You are willing to arrange accommodation and will charge 10% booking fees.

You will need to find a suitable venue for the conference, on Bangor University’s campus, large enough and with the ‘right’ resources and equipment to accommodate the conference. This should include catering etc.


Develop a baseline plan for this project.

You will need to complete the following 5 sections. Each section must be no more than 1 page (A4) long. Use font size 11. Each section will be marked out of 20, amounting to 100 marks in total.

1. Scope the project. Define aims, objectives. Describe the Project Management Environment (The market, stakeholders, economic cycle etc).

2. Assess the risks (potential problems) and provide a fallback position/ contingency plan for those risks that you consider to be the most disruptive. Identify quality measures and controls.

3. Develop and present work packages in a Work Breakdown Structure. Give appropriate time scales and costs for each package

4. Produce associated Gantt charts. Include appropriate milestones and reviews.

5. Using a diagram, explain a change control process that you would use to ensure that your friends understand any changes made to the baseline project plan.