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Prior Learning Assesment Class

Category: Essay Writing

Prior Learning Assesment Class

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Use Bloom’s taxonomy to identify levels of cognitive domain knowledge.

1.In the first part of this assignment you will identify Bloom’s levels in a student portfolio sample. Read through the narrative at the following link: Sample Student Narrative. It is in the subject area of acting performance. Use what you know about Bloom’s taxonomy to classify this individual’s areas of learning. As much as possible, use measurable verbs from the lesson listing. Then write a paragraph or two about your findings. (Note: The goal here is not so much for you to locate every last area of learning but rather for you to demonstrate your understanding of Bloom’s taxonomy and how it may apply to a real-world narrative.)

2.Use Bloom’s taxonomy to indicate your own college level learning in one or more areas.

This will give you an idea of how the taxonomy can be used to help you write about PLA successfully.