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Political Science

Category: Political Science

To what extent refugees (people living ‘in between’) are considered as political subjects

Cultural Studies. Thematics of refugees and the no places of exile. To what extent people living ‘in between’ are considered as political subjects.
Focus on the theory of the difference between nativity and citizenship through Giorgio Agamben and its concept of ‘Homo Sacer’. Also “We Refugees” text of Hannah Arendt.
More references:
– Downey, Anthony (2009), ‘Zones of Indistinction: Giorgio Agamben’s ‘Bare Life’ and the Politics of Aesthetics’, Third Text, Vol. 23, Issue 2, 109-125
– Zembylas, Michalinos (2010), ‘Agamben’s Theory of Biopower and Immigrants/Refugees/Asylum Seekers : Discourses of Citizenship and the Implications For Curriculum Theorizing’, Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, Vol. 26, N.2