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Political Economy

Category: Economics

Using your own words, outline Keynes’ theory of unstable private investment spending and the multiplier. Explain how this provides a foundation for Keynes explanation of the Great Depression. Use as your main references Heilbroner (1997), Keynes (2007) and Sheehan (2013).

structure of the essay:

The most important guidance that can be given is: engage with the readings recommended by the tutors. Independent research is not required. The second most important piece of advice is: answer the question posed (not the question you would have liked to answer). The most common cause of poor marks is that work submitted fails to address the question. Focus like a laser on the question and these problems are avoidable.

Remember the assessment is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the module’s content. Put bluntly, if you demonstrate a reasonable awareness of what you have been taught during this module you will pass. Including materials which are neither included in, nor relevant to, the module is very unlikely to be beneficial.

Do not exceed the word limit of 1750 words for each essay. Remember footnotes do NOT count towards the word limit. So in the final editing process you must decide if materials included in the main body of the work can instead feature in footnotes.

Finally, make sure you include citations for the arguments you include in your essay. Moreover, you must include a complete bibliography at the end of the essay, which includes the full references for the works cited. Citations and references must be set-out using the Harvard system.