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Policies and Programs for Boomer Health

Category: Essay Writing

1) Requirements

As 71 million Boomers approach retirement, planning ahead to insure the health and well-being of this cohort is critical for individuals, families, and society at large. This short paper asks you to create an effective and appropriate health program for a subset of the Boomer population.
Write a 5-page paper (12-point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins) integrating course materials and including authoritative outside references. Be sure to do the following:
(1) Reference the readings or online units at least three times
(2) Reference one discussion forum posting
(3) Reference and at least three outside sources

Turn your paper in to Assignments tab by the assigned due date. 200 points

Address the following points in Paper #3:
1. Identify your target group (e.g., Latinos, diabetics, aging rock stars, etc.) and describe how the population defines itself or the characteristics that make this group different from other Boomers.
2. Explain the social, political, and legal events that have led to health care disparities for this subset of Boomers.
3. What specific health issues do they face? Use charts, graphs, and statistics to identify needs, and if possible, gain a first person account.
4. Suggest a health promotion policy or program that would be appropriate and effective for this diverse group, based on what you have learned.
5. Demonstrate critical thinking by acknowledging alternative perspectives to this problem.
6. Conclude with your rationale about the need for public health policies and programs to meet the needs of this diverse group.

(2) Suggested Outline

I. Introduction
A. Introduce your topic
B. Define the problem
1. Causes
2. Effects
C. Define your main points (your thesis)

II. Body
Usually three to four points here are sufficient for a 5-page paper. For this paper, address points #1-4 as listed above.

III. Conclusion
A. Summary of the problem
B. Demonstrate critical thinking by acknowledging alternative perspectives to this problem (point #5)
C. Conclude with your rationale about the need for public health policies and programs to meet the needs of this diverse group

Please note that however you present your outline, you must have headings for each section and/or subsection. Before you start writing your introductory section (or any other section), you need to write “Introduction” and continue with your work on the next line. Simply identify the introduction, body, and conclusion along with any other headings you may wish to include (e.g., causes, effects, main points).
Outside sources
Cecilia, R. C., (2014). Disparities in Healthcare Quality Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups: Selected Findings From the 2010 National Healthcare Quality and Dispar. Retrieved from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Saria, A. M. (2006). Unequal Access: Immigrants and U.S. Health Care. Retrieved from Immigration Policy Center
Forum posting (for citation, you may just put “forum” in text and in reference as well)
“Economists and health care professionals working with older persons are acutely aware of the potential for disaster in the years ahead for the delivery of available, accessible, affordable, high quality health care services to the large older population (Mellor &Rehr, 2005).” The generation of Baby Boomers are a very healthy group of individuals, however, access to healthcare is limited to a large proportion of this age group. For this discussion, I decided to focus on the Hispanic population and how they face serious health disparities in comparison to other races. “Currently, Hispanics represent 7% of the U.S. older adult population or 2.9 million individuals; by 2050, they are expected to represent nearly 20% of the population aged 65 years and over or 17.5 million individuals (Villa, Wallace, Bagdasaryan, &Aranda, 2012.).”