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Pillars of a Balanced Life

Category: Essay Writing

Based on a low scoring pillar, create a backward plan to enhance the pillar of a balanced life that you want to change. Provide a few sentences of context, what you would like to do to strengthen the pillar and then 1-2 SMART Goals to achieve improvement.

Choose 2 from Pillars of a Balanced Life and do smart goals.

You need to know what smart goals are. Do you need google then make sure follow smart goals format to develop plans. You did not address for correct smart forms correctly.

Example for smart goals.

you set a goal make sure it is SMART:

1. Specific – Consider who, what, when, where, why and how in developing the goal.

2. Measurable – Include a numeric or descriptive measurement.

3. Achievable – Consider the resources needed and set a realistic goal.

4. Relevant – Make sure the goal is consistent with the mission.

5. Time-bound – Set a realistic deadline.