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Category: Philosophy

Is there a Right to Privacy on the Internet?

You must write a research paper of 4 – 6 pages.
Aim for at least 2 sources and 10 actual references.
The paper should be in Times New Roman font, size 12, and double spaced. Since this is a research paper you will be required to have a bibliography. The recommended style of citation is Chicago, but the most important thing is to remain clear and consistent in the referencing style that you use.
Write a 4-6 page research paper arguing in favor of (or against) the position of one author found in your textbook regarding that issue.

General Layout:
The general structure of philosophy papers often goes like this: 1) Introduce the problem and what you will be arguing to solve it. Include in your introduction a thesis statement. This is a one or two sentence summary of your argument. For example: Author X argues that animals have no moral standing, since they do not possess the sophistication of human reasoning. However, according to the utilitarian position, we find that animals do and should have moral standing. 2) Elaborate on the problem. This is where you would explain the view of the author whom you have selected. 3) Explain why this view is either flawed or avoids flaws. 4) What do you advocate instead? Elaborate on the implications of your conclusion. Where would your argument go from here? You will use footnote citation.