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Phenomenology and qualitative research

Category: Research

Length: 250 words

Describe the phenomenological approach to qualitative research.

a. Identify a topic of interest and a relevant research problem*. Briefly describe the topic

(3-5 references). Identify the purpose of your study and pose a relevant qualitative research question.

b. Choose one approach from Generic Qualitative, Grounded Theorising, Phenomenology or Discourse Analysis. Describe the approach. Describe why you have chosen this approach for this research question.

c. Choose a data collection method (e.g. interviews,) appropriate to the research question and the chosen qualitative approach (e.g. Grounded Theory). Describe the method (sampling and recruiting, conduct of data collection and planned analysis.

d. Describe how you will ensure that the research is ethically appropriate.

e. Describe what steps you will take to strengthen the credibility (validity) of your study and the transferability (generalisability) of the findings.