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Peterson & Kern + Bryson Discussion

Category: Essay Writing

How do Peterson and Kern operationalize “highbrow” tastes, “lowbrow” tastes, and
What traditional belief about high status individuals and cultural tastes do Peterson
and Kern challenge in their analysis?
What data does Bryson use to further this general argument about “omnivorous
Is her concept of “multi-cultural capital” any different from cultural “omnivorism”?
How can the musical dislikes of high status individuals simultaneously represent
cultural tolerance AND cultural exclusion?
According to Bryson’s conclusion, what are the limitations of her study – in
particular, what are the limitations of using survey data in this case?
(HINT: think back to what Lamont was able to observe using interview data.
How would this method have minimized one of Bryson’s limitations? What
would she have lost by not using survey methods?)